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Do You Know Your Teeth?

Healthy teeth are very important for a healthy lifestyle. We should all practice hygienic dental care in order to maintain a healthy oral cavity. This should include the maintenance of the teeth and gums as well as the entire mouth cavity. This part of your body is not only important for your appearance, but for maintaining a healthy inner system of the body.

A Single Tooth Has 4 Parts

  • Enamel: Made of calcium phosphate; outer white part
  • Dentine: Made of living cells; underlying the enamel
  • Pulp: Nerves and blood vessels run through this; inner structure
  • Cementum: Connective tissues’ layer to bind teeth roots
  • Periodontal ligament: Helps holding the teeth

Teeth Fact Sheet

  • Each tooth’s root descends into your jaw below the gum line
  • An adult has 32 teeth: 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, 8 Molars and 4 Wisdom teeth.

Dental Care Facilities:

Various types of dental care services and programs are available in different parts of the world and you can find a qualified dentist around Montreal easily. The health care providers of this field of medical science are qualified dental professionals called dentists and oral or dental hygienists. But they cannot be held solely responsible for the good maintenance of oral health. You need to be part of the dental care team. Following a routine of dental care not only prevents further problems, but also safeguards your body against other contagious diseases.

Different Types of Professionals:

In countries with advanced oral care facilities, the team of dental professionals includes the following:

  • A qualified professional dentist
  • An oral hygiene expert
  • A specialist in dental care services
  • An orthodontist
  • An oral and maxillofacial surgical specialist

Different dental issues:

Various problems that can occur with your teeth or oral cavity include dental diseases, malformation of teeth or crookedness, loss of teeth, badly shaped jaws, tooth cavities, injections and many mild or severe problems.

Canada has some of the best dental care facilities in the world. Whether you are looking for a dentist around Montreal, the best choice for you is Brossard dentist.

As soon as you detect that there is something wrong with your teeth, you should immediately consult Brossard dentist’s specialists. In fact, regular visits to a dental care provider and proper examination can act as a preventive measure to safeguard against any serious complications.