The Perfect Dental Products for Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is quickly approaching, when it comes to stocking stuffers it’s easy to get a blank on what to get for certain people. Skip out on the chocolate, candy and socks this year and buy things that will have a positive impact on someone. Don’t let all those treats associated with Christmas damage your teeth! Instead take a look at these 5 stocking stuffers that will keep your teeth clean and healthy.

 Mouth Guard

If you’re family has a sports enthusiast, you’ll be picking out the perfect Christmas stocking gift! A mouth guard is extremely important for many different sports. While you can purchase a mouth guard over the counter at any sporting store, a custom mouth guard made by your dentist is highly recommended for serious sports.

Electric Tooth Brush

Those old manual tooth brushes simply do not clean your teeth extensively enough. It’s often hard to reach all those hidden places, which is where an electric toothbrush comes in!  With prices ranging from $60-$200, Philips Sonic Care and Oral-B are very reliable.

Dental Treatment Certificate

If you’re looking for that perfect present to give the older college student you have on your Christmas list, then find a dentist who offer some form of gift certificate. While procedures very between individuals and their needs, dental visits can often be very pricey. Especially for students. Contact your local dentist today to see if they offer this form of payment.

White Strips

When it comes to whitening your teeth, the only proper way to do it is with a visit to your dentist. The cost associated with getting your teeth whitened at the dentist is surely higher than your budget made for Christmas gifts. A quick alternative which will cost below $70 would be whitening strips. Although they only remove a surface layer of stains, it still proves to provide a noticeable different to their smile.

Dental food

If you have an animal, then the likelihood of incorporating them in your Christmas shopping is high. While toys are always fun to give to your pets, they also probably have tons lying all around the house and yard. Give your pet clean teeth instead by buying them some Dental treats!