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How to Clean Your Dental Implants

Have some of your teeth been replaced with a dental implant? To increase its comfort and durability, you must take care of it. Implants require special cleaning; the only brushing of the teeth is no longer enough. Did you know that you can significantly increase their lifespan by providing them with the proper care? Find out what steps you can take to keep your implants clean!

The Risks Associated With Improper Cleaning

Cleaning dental implants is important to maintain the quality of the implant and prevent plaque from forming. A build-up of plaque can cause an infection to grow in the tissue surrounding it, which can ultimately lead to the implant failing to do its job. If the dental implant is not maintained, you may need to have it replaced. However, by adhering to the cleaning recommendations, a clean, healthy implant can last for several long years.

Cleaning After Implant Placement

As a result of the operation, during the first 2-3 days, some precautions should be taken during the healing time of the implant. Careful cleaning is necessary while the affected area is still sensitive.

  • Brush the other teeth first with your usual brush, avoiding the surgical area;
  • Use a so-called postoperative toothbrush with ultrasound hair to clean the teeth of the implants;
  • Rinse your mouth with a hot, saltwater rinse during healing. This can be repeated as frequently as desired;
  • Keep food away from the surgical area for as long as possible;
  • Do not smoke, ideally at all once you have a dental implant. Smoking significantly reduces the lifetime of implants.

Steps to Clean Your Implants Everyday

Once your mouth has healed, the most important area to keep clean is the crown, or area between the tooth and gum.

  • Clean any natural teeth with a soft toothbrush with rounded teeth that reaches the edge of the gums;
  • Use toothpaste based on antibacterial principles, such as chlorhexidine. It will be softer and less abrasive than ordinary toothpaste;
  • Dental floss should be used regularly to keep in between the teeth. Most dentists agree that interdental brushes are the best tool to use to clean in between teeth;
  • An antibacterial rinse solution should be used initially as a preventive measure.

Implants should be cleaned twice a day, in the morning and evening. The toothbrush should be positioned at an angle of 45o, and the cleaning should last 3 minutes.

Regular Visit to a Dental Professional

In addition to cleaning the dental implant daily, you should visit your dentist every 3 months or so for an implant check and a professional cleaning. A high quality dentist, such as at the Clinique dentaire et d’implantologie Dr. Vinh Nguyen et associés, can help you get the best possible oral hygiene. Make an appointment today!